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Good news, Philadelphia! Cali Runnerssss is now available for deliveries in your city. Place your order and enjoy the great service we’re known for.

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Cali Runnerssss is New York’s premier cannabis delivery service offering the finest selection of vapes, flower, edibles and medicinal marijuana.

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Express Delivery Service

Cannabis delivered to you anywhere in New York, North America or Worldwide.
  • 100% Organic All of our products are sourced from organically grown cannibis
  • Fast Shipping You can order and be at ease knowing your product will arrive quickly
  • Certified Products Anything will sell is above grade and inline with industry standards
  • 24/7 Delivery There's no lag time with us. We deliver as soon as you order.
About Cali Runnerssss

We use high quality and certified
cannabis grown in the USA

Our dispensary is widely recognized as one of New York's best
Cali.runnerssss is the largest dispensary in New York. Don’t live in the Big Apple? No worries , we also ship worldwide with our two day shipping. If you don’t feel like leaving your house we’ll have our runnerssss bring your order right to your door step (say goodbye to the sketchy meetups in the alley) or we have our delivery drivers meet you at a location you feel is comfortable. Your satisfaction is utmost and we’re willing to do everything to make our customers happy!

What our customers say

I recently moved out of the country and I started to get disappointed because I didn't want to try any new dispensary's out here. I remembered that Cali.Runnerssss mentioned to me that they will ship to me literally no matter where I moved to ! I received my order 2 days later . Very Fast ! I was super impressed ! Thank You Cali.Runnerssss

Fast Shipping

I was kind of nervous with ordering with Cali.Runnerssss because I've been scammed in the past before , they made my first transaction feel so comfortable and they even gave me a free gift for being a new customer ! I definitely recommend them so professional and very friendly !

So Professional
Medicinal Uses

Medical marijuana can treat many health issues

From anxiety and stress to arthritic pain, Cannabis is commonly used to treat a wide variety of ailments. Here’s how medical marijuana might help you.


Sleep better


Reduce pain


Improves mood


Relieves anxiety

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